Terms of use

Terms of use


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1. Terms of Use
a. The Global Tech Solution Web Site and the information it contains are subject to the following Terms of Use. In accessing and using this Web Site, you confirm that you have read its Terms of Use and that you agree to their contents. You can use this Web Site only if you agree to and accept these Terms of Use.
b. You are prohibited to use, collect, reproduce or supervise any deep-link, page-scraper, robot, spider or any other automatic device, program, algorithm or procedure, or any similar or identical manual process to get access to this Web Site in whole or in part, or to reproduce or by-pass in any way the nagivation structure or the design of this Web Site or its contents, as well as to acquire or to try to acquire material, documents or information in any way unintentionally provided by this Web Site.
c. Unauthorized access to parts or features of this Web Site or to systems or networks connected with this Web Site, to Global Tech servers or to any other services offered on/by this Web Site by means of hacking, password mining or any other unlawful method is prohibited.
d. Please refrain from using this Web Site for any of the following acts:
1. Investigating, scanning, testing any eventual weak point of this Web Site or network connected with this Web Site;
2. Breaking through any safety or authentication measure of this Web Site or network connected with it;
3. Searching and tracing back information about users or visitors of this Web Site or any other Global Tech customer, including Global Tech accounts;
4. Using this Web Site or the services or information offered on/by it for the transmission of data (including i.a. personal data and identifying symbols);
The same holds true for any attempt to do so.
e. All acts that cause excessive or inappropriate burden on the infrastructure of this Web Site or on Global Tech systems or networks or on systems or networks connected with Global Tech are prohibited.
f. You agree that you will not use or try to use any aid, software or routine to disturb the smooth functioning of this Web Site, any business operation handled on this Web Site or third parties use of this Web Site.
g. You are in no way allowed to falsify headers or to manipulate indentifying symbols in order to cover up the origin of a message or mail to Global Tech on the Web Site or by means of it or with the help of any service offered on/by this Web Site. You are also not allowed to pass yourself off as somebody else or to represent somebody else or to take over the identity of another person or instance.
h. You are prohibited to use the Terms of Use of this Web Site or its contents unlawfully or in a manner infringing the Terms of Use or to promote the perpetration of unlawful acts or any other acts that violate Global Tech or third parties rights.
2. Exclusion of liability
a. The use of information made available on these pages is always at the user’s own risk.
b. The contents of these Web Sites have been compiled with utmost care and are regularly updated. Nonetheless, particulars contained therein are merely of a non-binding general nature. They do not represent offers and can by no means replace thorough individual consultation. Information provided by this Web Site may contain technical inaccuracies or typographical errors. For these reasons, in no event will Global Tech be liable and assume any warranty for the correctness, topicality and completeness of information provided by these pages or for permanent smooth access.
c. Global Tech does not assume any guarantee or warranty for links incorporated to third parties Internet information. We hereby expressly state that we are not liable for such contents. The responsibility for such contents solely corresponds to the respective authors of such information. Internet users must always make sure that the applications used are free of viruses, worms, Trojan horses or other elements of a destructive nature.
d. In no event will Global Tech be liable to you or to third parties for any direct, indirect, special or other kind of consequential damages arising from the use of of this Web Site or of any Web Site linked to it. Furthermore, Global Tech is not responsible for any loss of earnings, breakdown, loss of programs or other data in their information systems.
3. Copyright
The entire contents of this Web Site, f.e. texts, diagrams, user interfaces, programs etc., are exclusive intellectual property of Global Tech Solutions Cons. Inc.
Such contents are protected by the German Copyright Act and by other laws protecting intellectual property. Any kind of exploitation of such contents, i.e. by means of private or professional reproduction, dissemination, downloading outside of an existing or potential contractual relationship is prohibited and can be prosecuted. All rights are reserved.
4. Data protection / Privacy Policy
As far as our Web servers register technical data and the date and length of access of your requesting computer, it is determined by the system. We use such data solely for the purpose of your own individual customer service and for the transmittal of product information or of offers for service transactions. Personal data are only collected and processed with your explicit consent. We guarantee that your data will be handled strictly confidential and according to data protection regulations in force.
5. Proviso to make unilateral changes
Global Tech may update and alter these terms at any time. The use of this Web Site is solely ruled by the latest terms.
Global Tech Solutions Consulting Inc.

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