Test Laboratory Operations

3.1 Measurement with universal testing systems (e.g., tensile tests)

Three-Point Bending Test for Ceramic specimen

Three Point Bending Test

3.2 Measurement of mineral fiber mats for optimizing and qualifying their use in exhaust systems

3.3 Measurement for the further development and cost-effective use of mats in exhaust systems

3.4 Determination of material properties (for design and development) for internally produced test samples of ceramic/titanium/fiberglass and other exotic materials
3.5 Measurement of shear resistance in dependence on the temperature and density of the mat;f(20 ° C <T <600 ° C), f (GBD).

3.51 Measurement of the mats in „sandwich“ arrangement and as a „single sample“.
3.52 Graphical analysis of data
3.53 Abstract


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