Other Innovations


Quick-Cut is an easy device that helps you cutting little bushes. With a simple kit system the Quick-Cut can be built out of a standard disk type sander.
Quick-Cut is an opportunity for producers of electrical devices who want to offer their customers an additional helpful tool and increase their market share.
We offer you the presentation of a sample and a show reel.
Also, a sample production can be ordered.
Technical support of the inventor for refinement to market maturity is possible.
A preliminary contract is necessary
For more information please contact info@globaltech-solution.com


MFO – Multifunctional Outfit

MFO is a system to create an air curtain in the area of throat and nose.

MFO is specially designed with an air depot and a collar air supply line with mixable fragrances or aseptic drugs for infection defense.

An outfit for demonstration is available.

Patent application for patent protection is prepared.
License holder partnership with a preliminary contract is possible.

For more information please contact info@globaltech-solution.com


Spice Racks


Spice Racks



Franchise System for creation of a local network RODO*-net,  using a new devellopped sprouting apparatus and threwout created products

dried mushrooms

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