Exhaust Gas Technology

1.11 Exhaust Gas Technology

We developed a procedure for a subsequent reparation or stabilization of integrated exhaust systems by the use of Hot Flow Pressure.

This provides a business advantage for car companies and suppliers of exhaust systems and enables a subsequent reparation and stabilization to avoid damages or an extended warranty.

We offer you a presentation and samples after a preliminary contract (cooperation contract) is signed.
1.12 Avoidanceof fiber emissions in exhaust systems

Based on the knowledge of canning mats we determine the characteristics of the material in a specialized laboratory in standardized tests.

With this a qualification of the mats before installation can take place and ensures you safety.

A comprehensive documentation of the measurement methods and corresponding examples will be presented.
1.1.3 Test Laboratory Operations

Measurement with universal testing systems (e.g., tensile tests)

Measurement of mineral fiber mats for optimizing and qualifying their use in exhaust systems

Measurement for the further development and cost-effective use of mats in exhaust systems

Determination of material properties (for design and development) for internally produced test samples of ceramic/titanium/fiberglass and other exotic materials.
1.1.4 Your Advantage and Savings

We are able to save mat material due to an intelligent arrangement of materials inside the exhaust system.

We offer you the identification of potential cost reductions in your company.

Know How Transfer is possible after the signature of a contract.

We are also looking for business partners to develop the process respectively license holders.

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